Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poet Poser

The gentles breeze ruffles my hair
The fragrance of nature is subtle
Rays of light slip in and out of clouds
Warming my cheek like a kiss
Lying on a blanket of cool grass
I float between dreams and reality
Eyes closed, the melody of singing birds
Stills my soul
I feel you close, by my side
But I awake and am alone
For that brief, sweet moment
My rest was complete
Discontented yet again
I rise to start the journey over
I’m learning that those stops
However frequent or short
May be meant to teach and change me
But the sting? The open wound?
Will there be a time when, at the stop, on the mountain top
I will have a companion for the journey down?
Perhaps, but if not
I will simply walk faster
If I be alone, I’ll run with total abandon.


Becky said...

You're not a poser, Meredith. That was great!

Deborah P said...

Meredith, I came here from one of the blogs on Compassion's trip to the Dominican Republic and read your Professor's quotation on God's Will. Thank you for that. It's a question I've been struggling with recently and it helps define some things for me. The trick is, of course, the phrase "if you are fully submitted to Him." :) Since I have huge control issues, that's often not a daily choice, but a moment by moment choice that I need to consciously make since the unconscious fallback for me is to take back control rather than to submit to Him. But I'm working on it. Thank you again.