Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something I am Pondering...

"God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." I don't know who said it.
But I like it. A lot.
And I pretty sure I agree whole heartedly. Because if someone is holistically satisfied in Christ, doesn't that mean that they are wholly and completely consumed with Him? Wouldn't that mean that they are totally abandoned to Him and prepared to be radically obedient to His call and His will, no matter what it is? I think so... but that's just me.
I think that to be satisfied in God, we must be content to be unsatisfied with everything else; there is nothing else, here on earth or in this life, that stirs our affections for Christ and to Christ like Christ Himself.
He is a jealous for us. What an odd picture of a Holy God. He is jealous for me, my time, my thoughts, my desires, etc. He wants all of me, all the time. The Creator of the universe... is jealous over me?
Thinking of Him in that way, in that light, makes dim every other offering presented to me on a daily basis. The internet is not jealous for my time, yet in it consumes most of it. Few of my friends would say that they are in fact jealous for my attention and conversation, yet I freely give it to them.
Imagine then, the satisfaction that awaits our souls if we give to God of ourselves the way in which he craves. Could it be that if we were to transfer our attentions from those things which do not satisfy to Him who does, we would finally find what it is that we are all so desperately seeking?
And if in fact we simply did this and found true and complete satisfaction at its' source, I would then venture to say that our praise and glory of God might be that much more genuine, in spirit and truth.
At the end of the day, is that not our total purpose? To worship, praise and glorify our savior? Whether in word or deed? Are we not simply asked to love Him with all that we are?
So it comes full ciricle: Find satisfaction in Him, glorify him more completely, find continued satisfaction, continue to glorify Him.
And no part of the cycle is of our own doing or in our own power. We do it because He has freely bestowed the grace on us which makes our unworthy pursuit possible. And we can only continue to pursue by the strength that He supplies, so as to continue to give us reason and evidence to praise Him for His grace and provision. Round and round we go.

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John and Kari said...

I LOVE your pondering thoughts.